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Ayame Claim Set 1 Theme #66 It is Made

Title: Star Ceremony
Theme: Set #1 Theme 66 It is made
Genre(s): AR
Word Count: 268
Note: Part 2 of 2.


Star Ceremony

It was customary on the Star Ceremony for the men to make handmade presents for the important women in their lives.

Gifts could be for mothers, girlfriends, wives, sisters, and daughters.

Engagements were often announced on this night.

Ayame wasn’t expecting any presents this year other than the one she received every year from Grandpa for being the heir.

Kouga was still out there somewhere.

She doubted he would remember something like the Star Ceremony.

She doubted he would remember to make her a present.

….If he felt like making her a present.

Ayame sighed. She was in the prime of her youth. Was it foolish to promise her heart to someone like him?

“Lady Ayame!”

Ginta and Hakaku?

“There you are!” Hakaku said.

“We thought we’d never find you in this mess!” Ginta said with a sigh.

Hakaku pulled something out of his sash.  “Kouga told us to give this to you if we arrived before the Star Ceremony.”

“He also said to apologize on his behalf if it seems a little crudely made. He mostly worked on it at night,” Ginta said.

“He also just sucks at crafts,” Hakaku added. “We know this for a fact.”

He dropped the object into her hand. They both bowed to her before departing.

A small charm of a full moon… with a little colored rainbow around it….

It wasn’t fancy. He wasn’t there to give it to her. It looked like it could have been crafted by a child, but…. He remembered her. He remembered her on this night and that alone made her want to cry.



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Jan. 18th, 2011 06:57 am (UTC)

I'm glad you like how I'm setting up their relationship. I really like this one, myself.
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