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Kakera - Shards, Fragments.

iy_no_kakera: collecting the 'kakera' from the lives of the InuYasha cast by exploring their stories in fanwork form.

Hello, and welcome to iy_no_kakera, a community in the mold of 30_kisses and the multitude of other theme-based challenge communities here on livejournal. This community is exclusive to the animanga InuYasha and features writing and art prompts taken from 100 theme projects on Japanese sites for the series. That's right, both fanfic and fanart are welcome here. You can even do both if you wish.

So, let's get down to business.

Here's what you're allowed to claim for writing:

Characters: If you claim a character, you will be doing pieces that feature this character as a focal point. Writing romance is perfectly okay, although varying the scenarios you put your character in is what we hope for. For example, if you claim InuYasha - you can write as many pieces with the InuYasha/Kagome pairing as you wish, but remember that you've claimed a character and not a pairing. And as such, InuYasha as a person should always be the focus. It should never reach the point where we wonder if you've claimed a pairing instead of a character.

Pairs: Pairs fall into two categories-

Platonic: Since life isn't all about romance, and friendships are important as well, we give you the option of choosing to write platonic or gen!fic. This category is not limited to only two characters, so claiming something like Sesshoumaru, Rin, and Jaken or Kouga, Ginta, and Hakkaku is welcome. If you're claiming a platonic relationship, please state this in your request.

Romantic: Claiming a romantic pairing does not necessitate romance in each and every story; you're welcome to focus on the platonic/friendship aspects of the relationship as well. This tag is just a warning to readers that there may or will be romance involved in at least some of your stories.

You may select from our two sets of themes:

Set #1
Set #2

For each claim, you must choose one set and specify which one you will be using. You do not have to choose the same set for all of your claims, but you may do so if you wish.

Claim Guidelines:

You may have up to two claims at any given time.

You may claim two characters, two pairs (romantic or platonic), or one of each.

You may not claim the same character/pair for both theme sets at the same time. (Exceptions: This rule was changed on June 10, 2010. Claims placed before then are excepted from this change.)

There's no way I can write 100 fics...

That's fine. Once you've done all you believe you can for a character (whether that be fifteen pieces or ninety-five), just let me know in the request post. Your character/pairing will be placed up for grabs again for other members to try their hands at, and you can claim something new if you wish.

Here's the format for posting your fics:

Title: the title of your story
Author: your pen name
Theme: for example, "Set #1, Theme #13, Strength from Within"
Genre(s): a list of relevant genres
Pairings: some people are picky about pairings, so please list all pairings in your fic
Word Count: there is no word limit, but it's nice to know what you're getting into before you start reading
Rating: G, PG, PG-13, R, etc. Please warn for higher rated fics (R, NC-17, etc.)
Summary: a brief summary of your entry

And, of course, an LJ-cut or a link to your story.

A note: Every member should try to make themselves an active participant in the community, so please comment to stories as much as you find the time. It means a lot to an author to hear what others think of their efforts! Plus, feedback from communities like this can be invaluable to an author trying to hone his/her craft.

Other Clarifications:

We accept all genre, all ratings, and all pairings, but please be kind enough to label any potential squicks.

Alternate Universe is perfectly a-okay, as is alternate reality.

Constructive critique is okay, but it needs to be kept polite. Character bashing is an absolute no, unless it is IC for the character you're writing to engage in it. (For example, Naraku cursing Kikyou because of the Onigumo issue.)

And of course- Het, Yaoi, Yuri... all are equally welcome. ^^

With all that in mind, go request your claims!


Set #1 Claims

Character Claims:
Ah-Un - neon_chandelier
Ayame - ginnekomiko
Higurashi Kagome - casper_san
Miroku - seinakyou
Sesshoumaru - ty_writes
Shippo - ejunknown

Platonic Pairing Claims:
InuYasha & Sesshoumaru - kmoaton
Naraku & Souta - sweetly_beth
Sesshoumaru & Kohaku - seventh_scribe
Sesshoumaru & Miroku - forthrightly
Sesshoumaru & Rin - malicehaughton

Romantic Pairing Claims:
Bankotsu/Jakotsu/Shippo - vexed_wench
Inu no Taisho/Sesshoumaru's Mother - rickashay1
Inuyasha/Bankotsu - lynx212
Inuyasha/Higurashi Kagome - xxorangemoon
Naraku/Higurashi Kagome - aimee_blue
Sesshoumaru/Higurashi Kagome - thirteenxwishes
Sesshoumaru/Rin - milingchi

Set #2 Claims

Character Claims:
Byakuya - sweetly_beth
Higurashi Kagome - the_kirin
Kikyou - casper_san
Kouga - ginnekomiko
Naraku - aimee_blue
Sango - flametwirler
Sesshoumaru - pandastarz

Platonic Pairing Claims:
Sesshoumaru & InuYasha - priestess_skye
Sesshoumaru & Miroku - forthrightly

Romantic Pairing Claims:
InuYasha/Kikyou - insanely_poetic
InuYasha/Sango - pandastarz
Kikyou/Sango - eggplantlady
Kohaku/Rin - casper_san
Miroku/Sango - eggplantlady
Sesshoumaru/Higurashi Kagome - royalbk
Sesshoumaru/Higurashi Kagome - tallymark
Sesshoumaru/Rin - ejunknown

Have fun, and please direct any questions to eggplantlady/Griddlebone (lady.griddlebone@yahoo.com).

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